The 100

The 100

100 bags a year, 1 for each of the 100 members. No more no less.

Can you be a member? What does it take to be a member?


  1. 1 million Euro revenue each year.
  2. Care for the environment.
  3. A sense of design.
  4. Philanthropist.
  5. Genuin care for us humans.


  1. Unique bags for the customer in question
  2. Meeting with designer and craftsman
  3. Pure gold in the hardware
  4. Unique design elements.


  1. Once the requirements are met the position is filled.
  2. Minimum of one purchase a year, or the position will be vacant and offered to next in line if the meet the requirements.
  3. No return is available.
  4. Spa treatment is an option we provide.
  5. Hand delivering from door to door is an option we provide.

If this intrigues you, feel free to contact us.

Application takes around 1-3 months.

Owner and head of design, Gabriel Oyarzún Villouta